What is the current status of the Beauly & Burghley asset?

The Beauly & Burghley subsea fields achieved cessation of production (CoP) effective 28th November 2020.

Who owns the Beauly & Burghley area facilities?

Beauly subsea field: 60% Repsol North Sea Limited, 40% Rockrose UKCS4 Limited.

Burghley subsea field: 29.895% Repsol North Sea Limited, 7.0841% Repsol Beta Limited, 41.1006% Rockrose UKCS4 Limited, 21.9203% Neo Energy Petroleum Limited.

What is the history of Beauly & Burghley?

The Beauly field was discovered in 1998 and first oil was achieved in 2001.

The Burghley field was discovered in 2005 and commenced production in 2010.