Provision of Information

Consistent with the principles of the Code, Repsol Resources UK Limited is required to make relevant data available to enable prospective users to obtain an informed view of infrastructure options in their areas of interest. In particular, prospective users should have ready access to current operational and ullage data sufficient to enable the prospective user to undertake basic economic screening of alternative offtake options.

Please note that while this information is provided in good faith, it is provided without warranty, implied or expressed as to its accuracy or relevance of use by any other party and no liability shall be borne by Repsol Resources UK Limited under any circumstances relating to the data and the use thereof.

Should further information or clarification on the data be required by the prospective user to aid his evaluation of alternative offtake options, the prospective user is encouraged to enter into dialogue directly with Repsol Resources UK Limited to discuss the specific nature of the further information necessary and specific to the prospective users purposes at that time (e.g. availability of spare risers, details of ‘moth balled’ equipment which could be re-used, details of key processing constraints, etc.).

If additional information, needed for the purpose of screening the suitability of the system, is readily available to Repsol Resources UK Limited, it will not be unreasonably withheld.

Key Contact(s)

Kevin Christie Code of Practice Champion