Infrastructure Code of Practice

The Infrastructure Code of Practice (ICOP) on access to upstream oil and gas infrastructure on the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS) is a non-statutory code which sets out principles and procedures to guide all those involved in negotiating third-party access to oil and gas infrastructure on the UKCS.

Overarching principles of The Infrastructure Code

  • Parties uphold infrastructure safety and integrity and protect the environment
  • Parties follow the Commercial Code of Practice

Specific Principles

  • Parties provide meaningful information to each other prior to and during commercial negotiations
  • Parties support negotiated access in a timely manner
  • Parties undertake to ultimately settle disputes with an automatic referral to the Secretary of State
  • Parties resolve conflicts of interest
  • Infrastructure owners provide transparent and non-discriminatory access
  • Infrastructure owners provide tariffs and terms for unbundled services, where requested and practicable
  • Parties seek to agree fair and reasonable tariffs and terms, where risks taken are reflected by rewards
  • Parties publish key, agreed commercial provisions

Relevant Data

  • The Access to Infrastructure link provides PDF files of the facilities and ullage for each of Repsol Resources UK Limited’s operated infrastructure facilities, which currently provide third-party services
  • The Published Key Terms link provides data published in accordance with the Code of Practice on Access to Upstream Oil and Gas Infrastructure on the UK Continental Shelf

Please note that while this information is provided in good faith, it is provided without warranty, implied or expressed as to its accuracy or relevance of use by any other party and no liability shall be borne by Repsol Resources UK under any circumstances relating to the data and the use thereof.

Key Contact(s)

Kevin Christie Code of Practice Champion