Oil was first discovered at the Saltire field in January 1998 from well 15/17-16. The Saltire Platform was installed in 1992 as part of the Piper Area redevelopment and commenced production in May 1993.

The Saltire Development Area comprises a number of fields; see link for overall field layout which are tied back to the Saltire A Platform located in Block 15/17, approximately 200km Northeast of Aberdeen and in a water depth of approximately 145m .

The fields include Saltire “A” platform and Saltire Subsea Water Injection facility, Chanter and Iona. From the Saltire “A “platform, the processed oil was exported to the Piper “B” platform via a 40 inch pipeline buddle containing one 10 inch diameter multiphase export line ,an 8 inch diameter gas lift line and two 16 inch diameter lines .

From Piper “B”, oil was exported through a 30 inch diameter line to the Flotta terminal facilities in Orkney, while gas was exported to the St Fergus gas terminal via a 16 inch diameter gas export line.

The platform comprises a conventional 4-leged steel jacket secured to the seabed with a large integrated deck & topsides housing modular packages that contain production, utility, drilling and accommodation facilities.

Saltire, Iona & Chanter fields are located on the northern margin of the Witch Ground Graben in UK Central North Sea.

The Iona field was initially discovered in 1981 and commenced production in 1997.

The Chanter field is located 4km southeast of Saltire platform, discovered in 1985 and commenced production in 2006.

Repsol Resources UK Limited is preparing to decommission the Saltire Area field, which includes the following fields.

  • Saltire Alpha Platform
  • Saltire Subsea Water Injection Development
  • Chanter subsea field
  • Iona subsea field

It forms part of the overall Saltire Area Decommissioning, which also includes the Saltire Substructure (Jacket).

In keeping with our commitment to open and honest communication, we’ve engaged with a wide range of organisations, special interest groups, advisory bodies and other stakeholders with an interest in the future of the Saltire Area fields. This fits with the expectations of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the regulatory authority for decommissioning.

This website is designed to support this engagement and act as a gateway for those seeking information, news and opportunities to help shape the decommissioning programme.