What is the current status of the Saltire asset?

The Saltire, Chanter and Iona achieved formal cessation of production (CoP) on 11th November 2016.

All wells have been temporarily suspended with mechanical plugs and are positively isolated from the topsides production facilities. In 2018 the platform was “engineered down & cleaned” and modified to a normally not manned, not attended installation. Pipelines have been cleaned flushed and positively isolated.

The platform operates as a normally unmanned facility with planned campaign maintenance & inspection visits throughout the year.

Who owns the Saltire area facilities?

Saltire & Chanter Installation:

  • Repsol Resources UK Limited :20.28%
  • Repsol North Sea Limited :36.67%
  • Transworld Petroleum (U.K.) Limited :23.5%
  • Repsol Alpha Limited :19.56%

Where exactly is the Saltire platform?

Saltire platform is located in Block 15/17, approximately 200km northeast of Aberdeen in a water depth of approximately 145m m.

What is the history of Saltire?

Oil was first discovered at the Saltire field in January 1998 from well 15/17-16. The Saltire Platform was installed in 1992 and commenced production in May 1993.

What are the production capabilities?

The process facilities were originally designed to process 40MBPD of crude oil, and 40MMSCFD of gas