Beatrice field has now ceased production.

The Beatrice oil field lies approximately 22 kilometres from Helmsdale on the north east coastline of Scotland in the outer Moray Firth, just south of Wick. Now that its productive life has ended, plans are underway for the decommissioning of the oil field, platform complex, two demonstrator wind turbines, pipelines and cables.

Our decommissioning team has therefore initiated a series of studies to help with the pre-planning for the eventual decommissioning. This will help to define the best way forward, taking into account the special character and environmental sensitivities of the area in which Beatrice is situated and the interdependencies with the community.

In keeping with our commitment to open and honest communication, we’ve also begun to engage with a wide range of organisations, special interest groups, advisory bodies and other stakeholders with an interest in the future of Beatrice. This fits with the expectations of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) who are the regulatory authority for decommissioning. This website is designed to support this engagement and act as a gateway for those seeking information, news and opportunities to help shape the decommissioning programme.

You can read our Beatrice Decommissioning Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Report below: