Repsol Sinopec accelerates goal of £1m fundraising for staff-selected charities

Posted 16, Jul 19

Five local charities are to benefit from the development of close partnerships with oil company Repsol Sinopec Resources UK with an immediate donation of £50,000 each.

Bill Dunnett, CEO explains:

“One of our core values is the commitment to raise £1M over five years for the five local charities selected by our workforce: Horseback UK; The Forget-Me-Not Club; Maggie’s; Alzheimer Scotland; and Spinal Injuries Scotland.

“We started this undertaking last year as part of our Business Transformation and appointed champions for each charity from across our business. Many events and formal engagements have taken place with each charity, and we have learned and benefited a great deal ourselves from these experiences. It has been humbling to see how many positive actions each charity supports and how we can directly help.

"I am so proud of the staff fundraising to date and its positive impact on our organisation. In addition to the staff fundraising we have decided to support each of the five with an immediate donation of £50,000. We are all focused on reaching our goal as soon as possible for such worthy causes."


Bill Dunnett, CEO Repsol Sinopec; Jock Hutchison, Horseback UK; Paula Cormack, Maggie’s; Lesley Fletcher, The Forget-Me-Not Club; and Aberdeen’s ‘Gothenburg Great’ John Hewitt.

Paula Cormack, Centre Fundraising Manager Aberdeen, Maggie’s:

“The partnerships which Repsol Sinopec have forged with their five chosen charities this year are incredibly meaningful on so many levels and we were left speechless today to learn that Maggie’s will receive an immediate one-off donation of £50,000 to help fund our work in supporting people with cancer, their family and their friends.

“We have been humbled and awed in equal measure by the energy and enthusiasm Repsol Sinopec staff have shown in fundraising for Maggie’s; for the organisation to follow this with such an incredibly generous donation leaves us quite literally lost for words. A donation of this scale will enable us to provide support directly to hundreds, even thousands of people, providing practical information and support to help people find their own way through a cancer diagnosis. We really cannot thank Repsol Sinopec and its amazing leadership team and staff enough for the depth of their commitment and generosity.”

Staff have committed to raise £100,000 for the five charities during 2019, and have already reached £75,000, with a commitment from Repsol Sinopec to match the total at the end of year.

The operator has set a target of at least £200,000 per year for 2019 and beyond, consisting of corporate donations and staff fundraising, bringing the total to £1M over five years.

More information on the Repsol Sinopec partnership with these charities and the services they provide to local communities available here.

Repsol Sinopec Staff With Charity Reps

Repsol Sinopec staff with charity representatives