Repsol Sinopec appoints new Vice President Decommissioning and Energy Transition

Posted 30, Jun 22

Repsol Sinopec is pleased to announce it has appointed Adam Sheikh as Vice President (VP) Decommissioning and Energy Transition.

The newly created role sits on Repsol Sinopec’s Executive Management Team (EMT), reporting to CEO Jose Luis Muñoz.

Mr Sheikh, whose most recent EMT role was VP Business Projects, commented:

“I’m really pleased to have been appointed VP Decommissioning and Energy Transition. The creation of this role highlights the strategic importance of both decommissioning and the energy transition to Repsol Sinopec and the increased focus on these integrated parts of the business.

“Decommissioning is a key part of the UK’s transition to low-carbon energy and its aim of reaching net zero by 2050 and will bridge the gap as we navigate through the energy transition towards cleaner, greener energy sources. Decommissioning and late-life asset management spend is increasing and presents one of the few areas of guaranteed growth in our industry.

“Decommissioning does not signal the end for the North Sea - on the contrary, it represents an unrivalled opportunity. Increasing numbers of decommissioning projects in the North Sea will co-exist as part of the energy mix and offer significant career opportunities. In fact, Repsol Sinopec aims to deliver one of the North Sea’s most ambitious decommissioning programmes in the years ahead and are recruiting a number of positions now.

“It’s an exciting time to be part of the energy sector and I look forward to collaborating with industry and government on the many opportunities that lie ahead”.

Adam 121

Adam Sheikh, Vice President (VP) Decommissioning and Energy Transition.