Repsol Sinopec has announced extensions to its 2016 major contracting strategies

Posted 3, Sep 19

Repsol Sinopec Resources UK Limited has announced extensions to its 2016 major contracting strategies, underlining its long-term strategic commitment to the North Sea and the UK supply chain.

The Board of Repsol Sinopec Resources UK has approved the extension of contracts for the provision of engineering support services, covering its offshore operated assets and the terminal at Flotta. In each category, contracts are being extended with two providers to continue to drive performance improvement and innovation with the intent of rewarding excellence.

Engineering services support covers all brownfield modifications and repair orders. Extensions have been exercised to a tiered group of contractors on a call-off basis, reflecting the asset-based structure and allowing assets to align engineering scopes with suppliers whose core competence makes them best placed to execute them efficiently. Extensions have been granted to:

Tier 1 (major integrated contractors): Petrofac and Wood

Tier 2 (detailed design; construction and FEED capability): PD&MS Group and Step Change Engineering

Tier 3 (repair order-focused): Global E&C and R&M Engineering

Darren Stoker, Chief Technical Officer said: “The revised strategy that we announced in 2016 has helped us deliver a successful transformation in our business and we feel that now is the right time to make a longer term commitment to those service providers that have helped us on our journey. These extensions will build further innovation and competition in the supply chain, and improve accountability within our own business.”

“Strong performance of our major contracts is a fundamental element of our ongoing transformation to a sustainable, valued and profitable operation.”