Talisman Sinopec renamed Repsol Sinopec Resources UK Limited

Posted 4, Jul 16

As of today (4th July 2016) the business formerly known as Talisman Sinopec Energy UK Limited has been renamed as Repsol Sinopec Resources UK Limited.

This follows the acquisition, in 2015, by Repsol of the global assets of the former Talisman Energy Inc, including a 51% stake in the UK North Sea joint venture.

There is no change to the legal entity or the company registration numbers. In addition the registered office, telephone numbers and fax numbers will remain unchanged.

Company email addresses have also changed. All individual email addresses have changed to: firstname.lastname@repsolsinopecuk.com

All generic, role-based email addresses will keep the same alias and only the domain will change, to @repsolsinopecuk.com 

However, existing @talisman-sinopec.com email addresses will continue to accept incoming mail for a transitional period.